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Useless Fact(s) (2010)

If I could have selected "pseudo-ambient post punk being mauled by noise rock" in the genre tab, I most certainly would have.

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Manny Steiner


Manny Steiner is the solo project of Stephen Aylward, former drummer of numerous St. John's bands including surf rock band The Cyanides (formerly Elimination Dance), post-punk band Mopey Mumble Mouse, various incarnations of the pseudo-punk/60's style rock band Cyril Sneer (later Cedric and Cyril) and the short-lived bass-drum duo Last of the Creamed Eels. Aylward professes to no formal knowledge of music whatsoever and is barely proficient in music at all outside of his main instrument. This has not discouraged Aylward in the least from undertaking the current experiment, which attempts to incorporate a chaotic noise-rock sound with underlying post-punk conventions of a droning, repetitive style. Aylward's affinity for the works of Philip K. Dick led to the coining of the name "Manny Steiner," the autistic child from Dick's "Martian Time Slip," whose preoccupation with entropy, decay and nihilism seemed to be the most appropriate underlying theme for the breed of organized calamity that will (hopefully) translate into a full album throughout the month of February. While Aylward's musical influences are both numerous and varied, the current project derives its influences from the likes of Cocteau Twins, Death from Above 1979, Deerhoof, Joy Division, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, Noxagt, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Whirlwind Heat, et. al. Aylward has participated in the RPM challenge in the past as drummer of Mopey Mumble Mouse. This is his first individual effort.

Stephen Aylward: Bass, Vocals, Violin.




Completed Albums

Useless Fact(s)(2010)

If I could have selected "pseudo-ambient post punk being mauled by noise rock" in the genre tab, I most certainly would have.

Delirium Tremens
Salvador Dali's Ocelot
Light-hearted Tragedy